6 Things That You Can Expect on The First Day in a Drug Rehab in Houston

Are you getting ready to check into a drug rehab center? There are several things that all centers do on their first day, notwithstanding their differences. Here are six things you can anticipate on your first day at a drug rehab center.

What is a Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is a procedure and facility that helps individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Treatment options at a drug rehab might range from purely medical to behavioral therapy.

6 Things That You Can Expect on The First Day in a Drug Rehab.

The first day at a drug rehab may be an overwhelming and emotional event. The transition to a new environment may be difficult, but most rehabilitation facilities offer a planned program to help patients prepare mentally for the addiction recovery process. Here are some of the things a patient should anticipate on their first day at a drug rehab:

  1. Intake and assessment.

Intake assessment sessions with qualified professionals are often the initial step for new patients. The goals of this evaluation are to determine the patient’s current state of health, as well as their mental and physical well-being and the presence or absence of any underlying medical conditions.

  1. Orientation

The next step for patients is to meet the staff and other patients on a tour of the facility after their first evaluation. Participants go through the norms and requirements of the program as part of the orientation phase.

  1. Medical check-up.

An evaluation of the patient’s general health and the presence of any withdrawal symptoms are also conducted on the first day at a drug rehab.

  1. Individual therapy.

On the first day of treatment, many institutions provide individual therapy sessions so that patients get to know their therapist and begin working through the factors that may have led to their addiction.

  1. Group therapy.

The first day of treatment at a rehabilitation center is often spent introducing patients to group therapy. Group therapy sessions help patients get comfort and support from others going through similar situations.

  1. Relaxation

Inpatient treatment facilities often advise patients to unwind after a hectic first day. Patients are given some downtime during which they can rest and recharge by reading, meditating, or engaging in other such activities.

It’s normal for patients to feel anxious on their first day at a rehabilitation center, but the staff is there to ease their fears and help them get started on the road to recovery.

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